A newly designed and purpose built 4×4 Offroad Course for owner/drivers, on the site of an old Iron Ore Mine site, covering 26 acres. The Course offers challenges to suit the novice off-roader to experienced ‘Triallers’ in a miriad of zones with various degrees of difficulty, all under the supervision of experienced Marshalls to give guidance where needed so you can have a really great day out!

There are facilities on the site for overnight camping with all toiletry needs. 

Events are held frequently throughout the year and a full calendar can be found on their website: 

Mudslingerz Tyres will attend some of the events with a compliment of off-road tyres in case of any unforeseen calamities, or just in case you fancy some new tyres!

The full address is Broughton Road, Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA15 8JR


Pictured above (right) is the Commercial Director, Rui Gracio of Rechapal s.a., manufacturers of RECIP Tyres with our General Manager, at a successful meeting in Portugal, where we were appointed the UK distributor of their tyres.

Rechapal s.a., Portugal, manufacturers of RECIP Tyres has named Mudslingerz Tyres their UK distributor, of their long established brand of 4×4 and off-road tyres. We are confident that this alliance will establish the re-introduction to the UK of their quality retread/remoulded tyres, which have been notably absent for a couple of years. We hope to grow the brand particularly in off-road competition & Trialling  parlances.

Rui Gracio, Commercial Director of RECIP Tyres, says: “We are very proud to be working with Mudslingerz”

Dave Wilson, 4×4 specialist for Mudslingerz Tyres, said:-   “We are over the moon to have UK exclusivity for RECIP Tyres as it is an amazing product, with a tyre to suit any 4×4 vehicle, and an environmentally friendly way to recycle tyres. What impresses me about RECIP is the way they approach product development and their quality control is superb. They only use grade 1 casings and use X-rays to inspect all tyres before putting them through the manufacturing process. This means our customers can be confident that they are buying a quality product. I expect the demand for RECIP Tyres to be strong in 2022 as the tyres are perfect for off-road enthusiasts. And as the tyres are not governed by EU for noise restrictions they are able to produce a more aggressive range of off-road patterns.”

RECIP Tyres currently produces several 4×4 patterns which will be available from Mudslingerz Tyres. Their Recip ‘Trial’ MT tyre in particular is renowned amongst the off-roading communities and have been at the forefront of competitive off-road events. RECIP Tyres also produces car, van & tractor tyres, making it a very large manufacturer of ‘bead-to-bead’ retreaded tyres with a total capacity of more than 60,000 units a year. 

Since 2003, RECIP tyres have been certified to the norms ISO 9001:2000 and compliant with the standard norms ECE 108 and 109 meaning, amongst things they are built to new tyre standards and  ‘E’ rated.



Cost-conscious motorists looking for a good budget tyre need look no further. We cater for people looking to spend as little as possible on a replacement tyre, without compromising on quality. Our budget tyre range offers a selection of sizes and brands at the very cheapest end of the market and are competitively priced and offer great value for money for new tyres.

We source the best quality budget tyres from a variety of industry-leading manufacturers, however, the exact Tyres that we provide in our budget range will regularly change due to supply factors. We do guarantee though that whatever size you are looking for, our range will only be sourced from reputable manufacturers brands and can be fitted to your vehicle with confidence.


These tyres are better quality and ensure more durabllity, grip and impact absorbsion. It some cases road noise is reduced and the ‘speed rating’ is generally higher – and can sometimes rival the ratings of Premium range tyres – the prices reflect these qualities.
Frequently used as Car Manufacturers Original Equipment.


The high end of the market and as the name suggests they are the best quality tyres available. Higher quality rubber compounds and construction methods are used to produce such tyres, which generally give more longevity. Because of the design and the tread patterns used they can invaribly give better grip and braking, lower road noise and have higher speed capabilities. They can also help your car consume less fuel. Frequently used as Car Manufacturers Original Equipment.

Remanufactured/Retread Tyres

Retreaded tyres are manufactured to high standards using highly sophisticated machinery. Since January 2004 it has been a legal requirement for retreads to be manufactured according to ECE Regulations 108 (car tyres) and 109 (commercial vehicles tyres), which stipulates that tyres are tested to the same load and speed criteria as new tyres.

Although many European retreaders had been producing according to ECE 108 and 109 for some time, the introduction of the regulations as a mandatory requirement has made a considerable contribution towards ensuring and proving that the quality, integrity and performance of retreaded tyres are, at the very least, on a par with that of new tyres.

Retreaded tyres can and do perform as well as tyres that have never been retreaded and they do it at a substantial saving over the high cost of new tyres.

It should be remembered that every major truck tyre manufacturer, with no exceptions, manufactures its tyres for multiple lives, meaning they are designed to be retreaded.

Retreading is highly environmentally friendly and should be considered as the best practical environmental option for tyre recycling. Unlike other forms of tyre recycling or disposal, retreading does not simply defer the eventual disposal of the tyre, but actively contributes towards reducing the amount of tyres being used and hence saving valuable natural resources.

Every retread produced means one less new tyre, thereby minimising the number of new tyres produced annually, extending the life of the original product and saving substantially on resources such as oil (a passenger retread requires 20 litres less oil than a new tyre. For a truck tyre this figure is 68 litres).

The result is less tyres to be disposed of annually. At the end of their first, second or even third life retreaded tyres can then be used as a raw material for other forms of ‘deferred disposal’. This is consistent with the Government’s sustainable development policy.



The main difference between the two technologies is in the belt construction:

Radial Tyres

In radial tyres steel belts run at 90° angle with the tread line. 

This allows the sidewall and tread of the tyre to function independently, so there is low sidewall flex and more contact with the road surface.

Bias Ply Tyres

In bias ply tyres the nylon belts run at 30-45° angle with the tread line. The multiple over-lapping rubber plies in these tyres connect the sidewall and the upper tread. The stiff internal construction causes less contact with the road surface, but usually can tolerate heavier loads (sometimes resulting in overheating).

Here are some Pros and Cons for each type of tyre:

Pros of Radial Tyres

  • Wider footprint keeps the vehicle more stable
  • Steel belts provide tougher construction and higher puncture resistance
  • Run cooler at motorway/higher constant speeds and under load
  • Uniform contact with the road surface provides more even tread wear


Cons of Radial Tyres

  • Hard tread increases tyre/road noise
  • Curb impacts can cause sidewall damage
  • Steel belt construction adversely affects the ride quality


Pros of Bias Ply Tyres

  • Tougher sidewalls due to crosshatch construction
  • Less expensive than radial tyres
  • Smoother ride on rough surfaces


Cons of Bias Ply Tyres

  • High rolling resistance which can affect fuel efficiency
  • Roll-over effect causes loss of traction when cornering
  • Tread wears faster due to higher traction

This is for your general information only and is not in any circumstance intended to represent any particular manufacturer